steady [sted′ē]
steadier, steadiest [ STEAD + -Y2]
1. that does not shake, tremble, totter, etc.; firm; fixed; stable
2. constant, regular, uniform, or continuous; not changing, wavering, or faltering [a steady gaze, a steady diet, a steady rhythm]
3. not given to sudden changes in behavior, loyalty, disposition, etc.
4. habitual or regular; by habit [a steady customer]
5. not easily agitated, excited, or upset; calm and controlled [steady nerves]
6. grave; sober; staid; reliable; not frivolous or dissipated
7. keeping almost upright, as in a rough sea, or staying headed in the same direction: said of a ship
1. stay calm; control yourself
2. keep the ship headed in the same direction
vt., vi.
steadied, steadying
to make or become steady
Informal a person whom one dates regularly and exclusively; sweetheart
steadier, steadiest
in a steady manner
☆ go steady Informal
1. to date someone of the opposite sex regularly and exclusively
2. to date each other regularly and exclusively
SYN.- STEADY implies a fixed regularity or constancy, esp. of movement, and an absence of deviation, fluctuation, faltering, etc. [a steady breeze ]; EVEN1, often interchangeable with STEADY, emphasizes the absence of irregularity or inequality [an even heartbeat ]; UNIFORM implies a sameness or likeness of things, parts, events, etc., usually as the result of conformity with a fixed standard [a uniform wage rate ]; REGULAR emphasizes the orderliness or symmetry resulting from evenness or uniformity [regular features, attendance, etc. ]; EQUABLE implies that the quality of evenness or regularity is inherent [an equable temper ] -ANT. CHANGEABLE, JERKY1

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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